The beam shown in the figure below (figure 1) is subjected to a moment of m 50 knm .

Figure Q1(a) Figure Q1(b) (b) An elastic beam is loaded as shown in Figure Q1(c). Before the load is applied to the beam there is a gap of 10 mm in between the beam and the roller support. By using TWO beam elements, determine: (i) the deflection and the slope at the free end of the beam; (ii) the moment reaction at the fixed support. The beam ... shear and bending moment (Figure 1): u n u n n u n n u n u u n u n M M V V M M M V V M M V V M M φ φ φ φ φ φ φ φ for 0.6 0.625 1.375 for 0.75 for 0.75 = < + ≤ < < = <, (1) where M u and V u are the flexural and shear strengths considering interaction, respectively, M n and V n are the nominal flexural and shear capacities of the ... please answer clearly with images being clear for points. The box beam shown in Figure-4 is Determine the maximum bending stress in the beam and the orientation of the neutral axis. The weight of block C is 50 N. The coefficient of static friction at the two points of contact are as shown.The figure attached shows the dimensions of a semicircular cross section of a one-way tunnel. I have question here, if in the above question they sid that If vehicles must clear the top of the. tunnel by at least 1/2 foot when they are inside the traffic lane.

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A simply supported beam $$AB$$ of span, $$L = 24$$ $$m$$ is subjected to two wheel loads acting at a distance, $$d = 5$$ $$m$$ apart as shown in the figure below.

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m1g Thus the new left force F′ L = 1 2 (2m1 +m2)g F′ L = 931:95N 5) Solving for the new right force F′ R = 1 2 m2g F′ R = 529:74N 6) At the right edge of the beam Hanging Beam Wording A purple beam is hinged to a wall to hold up a blue sign. The beam has a mass of mb = 6:1kg and the sign has a mass of ms = 16:8kg. The length of the beam ... (5) Considering the moment equilibrium about the Z axis, derive an expression for the moment M in terms of El, E2, ÿ, R, w and h. Simplify your answer assuming E2 = 3E1 (6) Consider the simply supported composite beam shown in Figure 1, with E2 = 3E1. If a crack

The figure attached shows the dimensions of a semicircular cross section of a one-way tunnel. I have question here, if in the above question they sid that If vehicles must clear the top of the. tunnel by at least 1/2 foot when they are inside the traffic lane.WORKED EXAMPLE No.1 A beam has a rectangular cross section 80 mm wide and 120 mm deep. It is subjected to a bending moment of 15 kNm at a certain point along its length. It is made from metal with a modulus of elasticity of 180 GPa. Calculate the maximum stress on the section. SOLUTION B = 80 mm, D = 100 mm. The moment capacity M for the cantilever beam shown in the figure below is constant throughout the entire span. Because of uncertainties in material strength, M is assumed to be Gaussian with mean of 50 kip-ft and coefficient of variation of 20%.

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