Transformation reflection worksheet answers

©1 W2R0M1I4M wKku ntyaP KSMo9fPt EwTaKrce S JLQLNC U.G U 5A al kl 9 br4i tg ThQtgs X brwe3sMeVrlv HeTdk. w u wMzaYdze i rw GiDt9hG 6ISn7f qi7n oiytae R nGgeEo1mHe atZrvyX. w Worksheet by Kuta Software LLC 7) reflection across the y-axis x y T F W 8) reflection across y x y D U W 9) reflection across the y-axis x y F E V 10) reflection across R j IM ta 3d seY EwKiWtuh F QIBnufgi Dnri et gef mGie Jo Pm1evt vriy b. 7 Worksheet by Kuta Software LLC Reflect the figure as indicated. Label the image using prime notation. 13) reflection across the x-axis x y V F K 14) reflection across the x-axis x y C Q Z 15) reflection across the y-axis x y D J P 16) reflection across the x-axis x y Y I W Then, we can use any of those transformations on the parent function to give us the child function. We can also use a combination of transformations (Transformation Combo) to give child functions. Food and Nutrition: (Burger King, McDonalds, Jacks, Wendy's): Combo of cheeseburger, fries, and drink just as in Demonstrate that different types of transformations can result in the same image. Action! Pairs Æ Exploration Students use grids to transform ∆1 onto ∆2 using translations, reflections, and rotations. Students record all transformations on BLM A.5.1. Curriculum Expectations/Question and Answer/Mental Note: Circulate TRANSFORMATIONS CHEAT-SHEET! REFLECTIONS: Reflections are a flip. The flip is performed over the “line of reflection.” Lines of symmetry are examples of lines of reflection. Reflections are isometric, but do not preserve orientation. Coordinate plane rules: Over the x-axis: (x, y) (x, –y) Over the y-axis: (x, y) (–x, y)

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Aug 09, 2018 · Isometry Recognition - WORKSHEET #6 – geometrycommoncore 3 Isometry Not Isometry Rotation Reflection Translation Dilation Stretch Other 5. Determine if the pre-image and image are isometric and also which transformation produced the image. PRE-IMAGE Circle Answer Circle Answer IMAGE Isometry Not Isometry Rotation Reflection Translation

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This teaching resource pack includes worksheets addressing the following concepts: the cartesian plane; translations, reflections and rotations. Answer sheets are also provided. Download options include: the year level displayed at the top of the sheet; no year level displayed at the top of the sheet to use for differentiation.

Unit: Transformations 3. Using the elementary function , create a new equation that will transform the given equation in the manner indicated. a. Right 7 units b. Down 3 units c. Left 4 units, Up 8 units 4. For each of the following: (i) Identify the parent function. (ii) Identify the transformation(s) on the parent function.

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